The Choice is Yours

Ever wake up one day and wonder how the hell you got into a situation? Or realise something had gone in a direction and you’re not even sure how or when that happened?

Our brains love to go on autopilot. Really love it. They’re are lazy - sometimes it seems the primary function of the central nervous system is to do as little as possible. So we end up going with the flow as our default response. This lets our brains save energy. A lot of the time this is very useful - when making a cup of coffee for instance.

Every decision we make tires us out

In fact, when we do have to make a lot of choices we can experience what is known as decision fatigue. Every decision we make tires us out, so the more decisions we have to make the more likely it becomes that we will simply choose the option that will cause less change or effort. Take the route of least resistance as it were.

If you think back, you’ll probably notice how many of your worst decisions were made when you were tired. Or worn down by repeated questions.

The ability to make choices is one of the greatest tools at our disposal though. We get to decide things - have you ever thought of just how amazing that is? You get to decide what to have for breakfast, or what clothes to wear. You get to choose who you like. And who you don’t. The world gets changed when people make decisions - a decision not to let injustice continue, or to change the way we do things. Choice is amazing.

Nothing can happen without a choice being made. What a choice really is, is the start of moving your energies towards taking action. It’s the essential starting point of becoming motivated to do something. So when was the last time that you really made a decision about something? I mean really DECIDED something?

We are where we are because of the decisions we’ve made - or those we didn’t make. I’m not denying that the playing field isn’t level. Life has never been fair, and there will always be those who have things stacked in their favour. What you choose to do with your circumstances however, that’s up to you.

When life starts getting busy - you know, on days ending with ‘y’ - we can be left with very little energy to make good decisions with. We end up just maintaining the status quo. Just keeping the train going without ever thinking about the track we’re on, or if it is in fact the track we want to be on in the first place.

We become uninvolved in our own lives.

We become uninvolved in our own lives. We stop taking an active part in shaping the world around us. We stop making the choices given to us and just go with where life takes us. It’s like being one of those floating jellyfish. They are pretty awesome - super poisonous and complicated and interesting - but they don’t get to choose where they go, the ocean does that for them.

It’s time you started making the choices for your life again. Every single great thing ever done started with a choice.

Here’s a couple of things to help you make better choices:

Don’t fret the small ones

You only have so much good choice in you on any given day - do not use most of it on deciding what colour your top should be or whether or not you should where underwear. The answers are blue - it makes your eyes pop - and yes, for the love of all that is good in the world, yes. Seriously though, all these choices take energy. If by nine thirty in the morning you’ve already exhausted your ability to make good choices by fretting over your morning routine, you are going to make bad choices later. You will choose the pizza over the salad for dinner. You will choose the couch over the books. Small choices deserve small energy.

If there are small things that have your head spinning often, then automate or streamline them. Put a system in place to help make the choice - flip a coin or roll a dice. Make a habit out of as many small things as possible, that way no energy gets wasted on making non essential choices.

Make the BIG ones early

Schedule your day around the more important decisions. Those meetings and activities that require important decisions from you should happen earlier in the day. A study done in the United States Judicial court once showed that outcomes of parole hearings had far more to do with the time of day than with the behaviour or crimes of the convict. Hearings held in the morning had a 70% chance of ending in parole, whilst those held later in the day only 10%.

The more choices we’ve had to make in a day, the more likely we become to just dial it in and go along with the way things are. By arranging the important choices at the start of your day you’ll make sure you give yourself the greatest chance of choosing well.

Set out time for life choices

Do not make life changing decisions when you are tired, frustrated and borderline psychotic at the end of a workweek. If you want to make good decisions for your future, you need to make sure you are in a good shape to make them. Rest out and then consider and decide.

What will you choose today?

This could mean sleeping on it and getting back to it first thing. It could mean taking the weekend to think it over in a relaxed environment before making the choice. It could even mean getting away for a holiday and breaking out of the normal routine completely. Make sure you give the biggest choices in your life the energy that you need to make them well.

Most importantly of all - remember that you have the immense gift of being able to make Choices!

What will you choose today?

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